How do clients place collection accounts?



We accept account placements via email, fax, pre-paid FedEx shipments, or we can


pick up your original files from your property provided you are in the general Tampa


Bay area. The latter is our preferred method as it allows our clients to reserve time


on other tasks, rather than scanning and copying documents.

What is the method of account processing?



Upon receipt of your accounts, they will be entered into our database and the


collection process will begin. We will then send you an acknowledgment report to


confirm the receipt of the accounts.

Is there a minimum balance requirement for accounts?



Yes. We do not place any accounts under a balance of $100.



Are there any fees up front or start-up costs?



There are no fees until recovery is made. Once recovery is made, we retain a


percentage of the recovered funds.

What if a previous customer or resident contacts us after placement for collections?



Any attempts from a debtor to correspond with you regarding their debt should be


forwarded to us. This ensures streamlined communication between parties and


allows us to avoid unnecessary confusion for the debtor. This also allows our clients


to reserve their valuable time for other tasks


Is there any way to ensure increased recovered funds?



Yes. The more often accounts are placed the more likely you will receive a check


each and every month. Also, the more information you are able to provide in your


files will always be more beneficial.


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